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From the North Pole: A festive EV fleet snowballs towards the future

From the North Pole: A festive EV fleet snowballs towards the future

EV incentives bring the gifts that keep on giving!

We took a ride north this year to sit down with Saint Nick once again. Last year we learned about the North Pole’s electrification strategy. This year, we wanted to sit down and learn how things have gone up there, and lessons learned.

“Santa, Thanks once again for meeting with us. First question to start things off. It’s been a year. How has your fleet electrification gone?”

Thanks for coming up here to visit!  Yea, that’s probably the way to start. It’s been quite the experience. At first, I’d say around October of 2020, we had some elves that kept forgetting to plug in their EVs at the end of the day, or those resistant to the concept of lithium-ion powered propulsion. Fast forward to February 2021 and we had doubled our EV fleet! We couldn’t get folks in EV powered vehicles fast enough! And the elves? Now they plug in their cars without even remembering if they’ve done it…and can’t remember the last time they had to go to the chilly gas station.

Gas prices up here were getting rowdy. It takes a lot to get ANY fossil fuel up here, and the piping was getting insane. A lot of people think magic can power everything up here, and I’m sorry to say that particularly myth is just that, a myth. The good news is, just like in New England, electricity in the North Pole comes from a mix of energy sources that overall is FAR cleaner than driving on gasoline.

“With prices going up all over the world, was price a major barrier in the process?”

Luckily, we have access to a jolly amount of incentives out there, as we have subsidiaries in most countries around the world and the major population hubs in the US. Long story short, many of my elves were able to take advantage of the federal incentives back in the U.S. and even from your home state of Massachusetts! (Santa gives a knowing look to us, and we thanked him for the plug of MA’s MOR-EV program.) Just from the federal (an up to $7,500 tax credit) and state incentives (an up to $2,500 rebate for buying new or leasing), we got $10 thousand off each of of our light duty fleet options. It was a pleasant surprise to find out there were incentives for Medium and heavy duty EVs as well! Learn about the MOR-EV Trucks program

“What about charging infrastructure?”

Oh, there was help there too.

For example, Rudolf’s running primarily on electric power now, keeping a steadier stream of light coming from that nose. We Installed a 240v plug in his stall with a level 2 installation thrown in there. we were able to apply for the federal EV charging incentives which covers up to 30% (up to $1,000) of costs associated with the installation of an EV charging station. As far as we can tell right now, that specific incentive is going to expire come 12/31 of this year. We’ll see if that changes, but I’d recommend anyone out there taking advantage of while they can. Even after that, Santa’s electric utility has additional incentives to help with the cost of charging, and yours might as well! Learn more

“How about the temperature? Has your fleet seen any major effects from the cold?”

“Of course, we have. But just a reminder young man, that the cold up here affects everything, whether it’s powered by a fossil fuel, or a battery. General rule of hoof though is to precondition your vehicle before getting out to start the day. Long story short, tell your EV when you’re heading out, and it will start warming the battery, cabin, and those seats and steering wheels if you’re inclined to that, and you get into your car having not expelled a single gas out of a tailpipe.

“Any final thoughts for those looking to electrify?”

Oh, I’m a thoughtful man, but if I were to summarize, if you’re interested, just take an electric vehicle for a spin and find out for yourself what it’s like to drive one.

Don’t forget to buckle up, and one more thing, have a wonderful December. And remember, if you hear the whine of an electric engine on Christmas eve, leave those cookies out, because a Santa’s gotta eat.

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