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The EV Driver of the Future

The EV Driver of the Future

Fellow readers, you’re not going to believe this, but last night, I was woken up by, you guessed it, me! Alex of the future managed to drive his EV back in time, white lab coat in hand, to educate me about just how incredible a future filled with EVs is going to look like. Also, 2060’s music does contain a LOT of remixed Mozart. I wasn’t as excited about the doc Brown hair, but I was able to overlook that when getting insight into our EV future!

The first and most obvious question I had to ask was, did we get an electric Porsche, and was it an even fancier version of the current Taycan? Turns out, I will have perfected the eye roll by 2050. More importantly, future me went into the sheer magnitude of options. Shopping for EVs was no longer considered “shopping for my next electric car”. Future me simply shops for cars, and whichever car I’m interested in, is electric. Talk about a paradigm shift. Wondering how we charged our regular car, future Alex insisted that every house purchased by that point, had level 2 charging built into the area that we’d park overnight. Home charging just came with the territory of shopping around for any house, as long as that house was built in the last 20 years (from 2060 and back) or had a resident that upgraded their setups to charge their cars. Let’s not forget the battery powered backup generator (although we could also use our cars to help supplement our power if the need arose).

Almost every parking lot has some area where you can plug your car in as well. From the movie theater, to go see the newest Fast and Furious 35, to the office building with anti-gravity hovering parking capability, nearly everywhere you park now has charging stations. Into the city to see a cyberpunk’d version of Hamlet on stage, charging stations (but the stations were attached to the telephone, and light poles!). And most apartments had some way to charge residents cars in their parking lots! The wonders didn’t’ cease to amaze!

Garbage trucks, school busses, trains, semi-trucks all battery powered. Ships, tractors and helicopters, running on electron “fuel”! Airplanes and jets and go-carts, you guessed it, battery powered. I asked future me about spaceships, but it looks like we haven’t yet found an alternative to some form of explosive fuel to propel vehicles through the vacuum of space. Nobody’s perfect!

When I asked future Alex how the grid could support so much electrical demand, he shrugged and simply said, it was already mostly there, but with some upgrades, advances in battery technology, increases in homeowner green tech ownership, minor upgrades to the grid, and the sun, things were happily moving along.

I thanked future me for dropping by, and had one, final question:

“Do we ever get to own an EV with an Iron Man themed paint job?”

Future me shrugged and nodded towards the car in the driveway that he’d clearly come in and responded, “You tell me.”

It was not. But it did have the Bat-insignia on it, so that was cool.

By the way April fools. That said, the future is EV, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have! Just send them away to

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